Arch Polymers is a full-service supplier of recycled plastic to molders, extruders and compounders
We have invested in a multi-stage, high volume washing and pelletizing plant that is capable of processing huge volumes of dirty plastic, including scrap extracted from landfill sites.  In addition to the tons of plastic that Arch Polymers processes extracted from landfill sites, it also sources directly from  waste-generating sites, such as commercial or industrial centers, and waste management companies.  As such, it is one of the very few recyclers capable of successfully cleaning and processing dirty post-consumer plastic in high volumes.
Mission Statement 
To ensure the delivery of an optimum product using recycled waste, state of the art equipment and processes; and also to promote sustainable programs with local businesses to reduce landfill waste.​​​

We strive to make each customers purchase the best experience possible.  To guarantee this happens we are currently working on our ISO 9001: certification.  We hope to have this complete by the end of 2018​


We made the commitment to the environment, ensuring that we recycle all that we can in our facility.  This includes obtaining plastic waste from companies that wish to keep material out of landfills and also partnering with the FIBCA to establish relationships with manufacturing companies who want to help the end user find an outlet for their waste .  We recycle our water using a state of the art process that allows us to keep any waste water  out of the sewers and city water.  This  was made possible with the help of the EPA . 
Due to the ban on importing waste to China , Arch polymers  is being proactive to find a way to be less  dependent on other countries and more self sustainable inside the USA.​